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Welcome to United Scrap Iron & Metal!
Scrap, a word, describing any material which can be recycled after a product has been used and is no longer useful for what it was originally intended. This includes vehicle parts, building materials, and any and all surplus materials. Scrap is often confused with waste material, but scrap in fact does have value, while waste does not. The scrap metal industry is as old as industrialization when the use of metal in industries and products increased manifold. With the huge increase in the use of different metals for manufacturing, cars, consumer products like refrigerators, furniture, etc, scrap too was generated when these products were damaged or were unusable. As demand and prices of metals increased, industries started looking at recycling the metal products that were discarded. This led to the birth of the scrap metal and recycling industry. The scrap metal industry processes and recycles 145 million tons of material every year into raw material for manufacturing industries around the world. In 2007 the USA exported more than 10 billion dollars of scrap steel. Recycled scrap helps the environment and keeps the air and water cleaner by removing many potentially hazardous materials and keeps them out of landfills.

UNITED SCRAP IRON & METAL, based in North Jersey, is a 96 year old industry leader in the scrap metal industry. UNITED is a family owned business with almost a century of experience, and a leader in the scrap metal and recycling industry.

Company Mission and Vision

UNITED SCRAP IRON & METAL, believes in providing the best price for each commodity that customers bring to their scrap yard, including all ferrous and non-ferrous metals like aluminum, steel, iron, brass, and copper. Besides paying an excellent price for the scrap, UNITED also provides easy scheduling and top-notch services. UNITED believes in not only providing the best price, but also making it easy for a customer to sell their scrap at their convenience. UNITED'S mission in providing a best price for scrap is to ensure that the scrap metal does not get to the garbage dump as waste and sent to the landfills.

UNITED SCRAP IRON & METAL'S vision is to ensure that landfills are not filled up with scrap metal and hazardous waste in the scrap metals. The hazardous waste like oil in vehicle engines could leak into the ground and pollute ground water. Besides the engine oil, there are hundreds of chemicals used in many industrial, residential, and municipal scrap that are harmful for the environment. By recycling the scrap metal, UNITED is doing their part for the environment in reducing pollution.

Due to their experience, expertise, and innovations in handling, managing, and buying all types of metal scrap, UNITED has gained prominence and made a name for itself among varied customers. UNITED is reputed for its honesty and integrity, professionalism, and service to all customers, big and small, leading to a long-term relationship with large industries as well as small customers. The industrial and manufacturing units in the tri-state area of New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York, in which UNITED operates, appreciate UNITED'S environmental concerns, expertise, and experience.